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Passionate about drawing, the ocean and surfing, Bruno Lehoux designed, with his surfer sidekick Philippe Lopez, a concept of bench derived from whale tails, which was popular in the West Indies, South Africa, Marseille and Nice, but not yet on the Basque Coast
Bruno Lehoux returned to Anglet, the city where he grew up, after spending many years in the West Indies. “I left to do my studies and then my military service in Martinique. I then stayed there for sixteen years. »
It was there that he met Philippe Lopez, like him, passionate about drawing, design, surfing and the ocean. “We’re also both quite handy. We started shaping surfboards. We also created a line of fins. » Lehoux Lopez sculpture was born.
The two men also fell under the spell of whales, whose majestic tail inspired them to create a bench. “He is our signature today,” says Bruno Lehoux. Since then, we have used the whale tail in fountains and sculptures. »