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Fabien Cayeré is a visual photographer and sculptor, native of the Basque Coast,
he has worked as a multidisciplinary artist, full time for around ten years, in his studio in Anglet. It was during his studies at the art and graphics school at ESAC in Pau that he became passionate about ancient photographic processes (salted paper, cyanotype, polaroid transfer, photogram, engraving, screen printing, hand printing). 'silver...).
The surfing theme remains dominant in his work, whether in sculpture or photography, which has earned him being classified in the surf artist category. However, his thirst for research and his curiosity in experimenting with new processes led him to deal with other themes (the landscape, the portrait with its broken faces, his work with miniature figurines, his mixed techniques on California, etc.)
Since 2004, for a large part of his shots, Fabien has been making his own cameras, “camera obscura” made from tin cans that he refills with film photo paper. The long exposures of 20 seconds during the shooting leave a large part to accident and give a unique rendering to each image. It was at the Roxy Jam in Biarritz in 2011 during the longboard world championship that he invited himself to the festival and took pinhole portraits of Kassia Meador, Jennifer Smith, Kélia Moniz, Colin Whitebread, Coline Ménard, Pandora Decoster… Some of his prints are made using an old photographic process invented at the end of the 19th century and long used by the Pictorialist movement: bichromated gum.
This process takes a long time to master, Fabien now has the secret of dosages, its application and development. The photosensitive emulsion is spread with a brush and allows photos to be printed by contact using a negative of the size of the print on different supports such as wood or paper. The print is unique each time, creating a print halfway between a photo and a painting.
His numerous stays in West Africa took him to the artisanal foundries of Ouagadougou where he learned about the lost wax technique.
In his bronze sculptures representing surfers, Fabien likes to look for the harmonious postures of the surfer and his board.